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Tchoukball (pronounced "Chuke-ball") is a relatively new sport being invented by the Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt in the late 60's and introduced to the public in 1970. The rules of tchoukball are easy to learn and the game is a fun fast way to keep fit and enjoy being in a team. The aim of this website is to introduce new players to this ever expanding sport and to help them learn the basic rules and tactics. The following is a brief summary of the game which is given in more detail if you follow the links at the top.

- Tchoukball is played with two 'rebound frames'. These framesmeasure 90 centimetres square and are situated at both ends of the court.

- A line runs 3 metres from the centre of the bottom of the frame around in a semi-circle. This area is called the 'D' or 'forbidden zone'.

- The court size varies greatly depending on the ages of the players; a full size international standard court is 40m by 20m in size.

- Unlike most other team games you can score at both ends.

- There are 12 players in each team, including 3 subs.

- Players fall into 3 categories: Shooters, Inners and Centre Pivots.

- To score a point the ball must be thrown at the end so that it lands over the line of the D.

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